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Advent, Advent… Sustainable ideas for the cosy time before Christmas

Spread a little joy every day with an Advent Calendar

An Advent Calendar is a traditional German calendar which counts down the final days to Christmas with a small window for each day. Hidden inside each window is a little surprise – a gift, chocolate, poem, part of a story, or anything else you can think of.

At MOYA we like to combine this tradition with handicraft, sustainability, and acknowledging that making time for our loved ones is the greatest gift that we can give them.

Self-made gifts can be individually tailored to the recipient, showing them exactly how much you care!

Our Advent Calendar Number Pendants decorate your personalised gifts with a striking design and – our favourite – birch bark. The pendants are available in plain birch bark for hand written numbers or already stamped with 1-24 (in cooperation with Renna Deluxe)

sustainable ideas
advent calender birch number pendants for hygge christmas

Zero waste Advent Calendar inspiration

Here are three ideas for sustainable Advent Calendars perfect to combine with our Advent Calendar Number Pendants:

1. Recycled Jars

collect all the empty jars that have been piling up around the house. They can be magically transformed with some tape and a little colour. To better hide the present inside each one, line them with decorative paper. Of course, we prefer to use birch bark!


2. Parcel Forest

who doesn’t have a pile of old newspapers and magazines laying around at home? Revamp the paper into small parcels, each a different shape and size according to the gift inside.

paper gift

3. Tapestry

at MOYA, we love textiles almost as much as we do birch bark! Rather than throwing away your left over bits and pieces of material whilst sewing, save them up to make fabric bags, decorated with colourful ribbons – lined up on long pieces of string and numbered with our Advent Calendar Number Pendants, the lucky recipient will be filled with anticipation for the days to come!

fabric bags

Our gift to you

We are giving away a Tuesa Storage Container to everyone who orders a set of Advent Calendar Number Pendants!

You can choose to make it the final gift in the calendar or keep it for yourself 🙂

Wishing you a wonderful Advent!
Your MOYA Team

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