Our new TUESA packaging - MOYA Birch Bark
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Our new TUESA packaging

It’s finally here! Our new TUESA packaging! After months of tinkering and several intensive feedback sessions with our customers, we have finally come up with the perfect packaging for our food containers. A high quality and sustainable box with a viewing window gives a little insight, so you can easily choose the lid color and unique texture of the birch bark in your favorite store. This way, your new treasure will still be well protected during purchase.


Even more joy for gifting

We know that our products are visionary and often not self-explanatory. Thanks to the new TUESA packaging, which was designed based on surveys and conversations with our customers, all exciting and important information about birch bark and care, as well as information about the products are systematically answered on the new product tags, so that no questions remain unanswered. If you still have questions during or after a purchase, you can also take a look at our FAQ or contact us directly with an email. We are always happy to help you personally!


For every pot there’s the matching lid or in our case the matching packaging 😉 Whether large or small, high or narrow: from now on all food containers have their appropriate packaging and are thus optimally packaged and well protected.

A unique gift for lovers of nature and design

Thanks to the new TUESA packaging, our food containers are now even more suitable for gifting to your favorite person! The new product tags eliminate the “how, where, wherefrom or why?” and the person receiving the gift can dedicate the new container immediately.

Not only beautiful but also functional

In our TUESA tins there is room for many things: besides coffee and tea, cereals, dried fruit and nuts, cookies and other sweet pastries can also be stored in them. Due to the essential oils naturally contained in the birch bark, the ingredients stay fresh and crispy for an extra long time.


All these things can be stored in the TUESA storage tins

?? Nuts

?? Cookies and sweet pastries

? Dried fruits

☕ Tea and coffee

? Noodles and rice

??? Bakery goods

For sure you can think of one or the other kind of food that could get a place in the storage containers!

Experience our products live & in color

You would like to convince yourself of the new packaging? Then visit a store near you that offers our products and choose your own favorite container!

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