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Birch Bark rediscovered:
an old Siberian craft meets contemporary design

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100% Natural material
100% natural
birch bark
Genuine Siberian birch bark
with great care
Handmade unique pieces
with love

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An old Siberian Handicraft
meets contemporary Design Read More

Thanks to the naturally contained essential oils birch bark creates a special climate
that allows a longer freshness of food and preserves its aroma.
Dirt and water repellent and washable
The naturally very dense surface of the birch bark makes it dirt and water repellent,
as well as washable. It also regulates its own moisture balance and thus remains
flexible, even after prolonged use.
Birch bark is characterized by its robustness and tremendous longevity, while
no maintenance is required. Products made from it prepare joy for a long time and
can outlast generations as heirlooms .

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