We only use natural birch bark of the highest quality for our products. Like every tree bark, that of the birch consists of several layers. However, only the outermost layer is referred to as birch bark. In contrast to other tree species, the birch trees in Siberia have their bark harvested once a year.

During the harvest, our experienced craftsmen make sure that not too large pieces are taken. And that especially the inner bark layer (the bast) is not damaged, so that the nutrients can continue to be transported and the trees are not harmed.
We choose both the place of origin (the birches grow in natural mixed forests) and the time of harvest with care. In spring, the bark can be separated from the tree with a juicy crack.


The ingredients of the bark and their interaction ensure that birch trees survive even the toughest nutrient and weather conditions and completely renew themselves in 20-25 years. However, no trees are felled for our birch bark products and the bark regenerates after a few years.

Traditional storage of the bark sheets after harvesting