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Tuesa / For Coffee (T9)

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Height 12 cm | ø 12 cm
Birch bark, pine wood
Surface: water based wood stain, bees wax

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Antibacterial, insulating, water-resistant and particularly light birch bark containers keep foodstuffs fresh for longer and are incredibly durable while being low maintenance at the same time. The containers are best suited for storing biscuits, cereal, pasta, berries, legumes, and any other loose dry foodstuffs. They are also perfect for the aroma-sealing storage of tea, coffee, spices and nuts.

Tuesa guarantee a non-slip warm surface and a secure grip even when wet – you can even rinse them with water if needed.
Birch bark is characterised above all by its robustness and extreme longevity, whilst not requiring any maintenance. Products made from it bring joy for a long time and can be passed down through generations as heirlooms.

The here shown Tuesa T9 has a capacity of, for example, 350g coffee, 600g sugar and 300g fine oatmeal.

Please find corresponding care instructions here

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 cm

Dark Coral, Purple, Brown, Grey, Mint, Rose-Beige

1 review for Tuesa / For Coffee (T9)

  1. Wilhelm Sprang

    Liebe Moyas, ich habe Produkte aus Birkenrinde in Schweden kennen gelernt. Leider sind die etwas altbacken. Euer Produkt ist viel weicher und besser designt. Es hat, je nach dem wie man es im Regal dreht, eine wilde und eine ruhige Seite. Und die Dose riecht schon so toll nach Kaffee! So zieht der Norden in meine Wohnung ein.

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