Moya Panels: Invite the Siberian forest inside - MOYA Birch Bark
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Moya Panels: Invite the Siberian forest inside

Wall Panels

MOYA is forever inspired by the stark beauty of the Siberian forest: herbaceous smells, wild berries, pine needles underfoot. Our Wall Panels made from birch bark will transport you there.

Each Panel is unique like the living tree from which it was sustainably harvested – decorating your interior spaces with these truly natural landscape “paintings” is like waking up every morning in a forest ambience.

You can create your own collage from differently-hued birch bark Panels as well as blocks of solid colour. Our Panels are available in three different sizes, and are complemented by contrasting coloured edges, making them endlessly modular and suitable for any sized wall and colour palette. The coloured edges ensure a consistently level surface on your wall, combining contemporary design precision with the wildness of Siberian nature.

Our Click-System means installing just one Panel or creating an entire nature-inspired collage is easy. A wall mounted slat holds our Panels in place: add, replace, or rearrange them without any extra drilling. It has never been easier to invite the Siberian forest into your interior spaces.

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