Christmas Decoration - set of 12 - MOYA Birch Bark Birch decoration tree
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Christmas Decoration – set of 12


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Dimensions 10 x 10 cm
Birch bark, thread

Each motive delivered flat and packed in an envelope.

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Our new Christmas Collection gets you in the spirit in 3 simple steps: Pop out, Assemble, Enjoy!

Surprise them with a birch bark Christmas decoration card!MOYA birch bark Christmas tree decorations provide a warm contrast to glass baubles and pine needles. They make a fun do-it-yourself gift: your colleagues, friends, and family can assemble them and liven-up their trees with a touch of contemporary Siberian design.

Our decorations are the perfect gift for sending in the mail. They come in the form of a flat card, beautifully packaged in a semitransparent envelope – like admiring a Christmas display through a foggy shop window on a snowy December night.

With this set you will receive 3 pieces of all 4 motives: snowman (+2 balls), tree (+1 ball), icecone (+2 balls) and snowflake (+1 diamond).

We prepared a short manual in pictures – have a look here!

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Weight 0.54 kg

Icecone, Snowflake, Snowman, Tree


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No - the bark is harvested from the tree once a year. Here only the top layer is removed
which grows back again, so the tree is not damaged.

We get the bark from the Siberian taiga, where countless birch trees grow. The birch
bark is traditionally harvested by the craftsmen in Tomsk and the products are
handcrafted in our two production facilities there and in Ivanowo.

There are several reasons why the products are made in Siberia. On the one hand, because the bark of the birch trees there is especially suitable. It is much thicker and more robust than that of our native birch species. Above all, however, the use of birch bark in Siberia has a tradition that goes back thousands of years. We want to use the old knowledge to save this craft from extinction and to create jobs locally to give people new perspectives.

No, outgrowths or other irregularities on the bark have no effect on its special properties. Since each product is made of 100% natural material, none of them are the same - each one is unique!

Yes. The surface of the bark is very dense and therefore water and dirt repellent. For example, our storage containers can be cleaned under running, lukewarm water. Helpful care instructions are enclosed with every product.

No. Under normal conditions (room temperature), the bark remains smooth and flexible for an eternity. At best, products made from birch bark should not be used / stored on a heater or in freezing temperatures. No other maintenance is necessary.

We sell our products in many shops all over Germany and other countries. A list can be found in the footer of the website.

We make sure that all parts that come into contact with food are free of harmful substances. E.g. the lids of our Tuesa storage containers are treated with water-based wood stain and sealed with beeswax only. For the production of our other high-quality components such as metal frames, we carefully select artisan companies in Germany and Austria.

The fact that the products do not have the typical white colour is because we remove the top layers of the bark by hand in order to make use of the unique properties of the velvety soft inner layers.

The bark of the birch does not show any allergens and therefore does not pose any risks for people with allergies to birch pollen.

BEAUTIFUL, SAFE AND PACKED WITHOUT PLASTICS: Unique products with passion for detail

Find your very own favourite piece - you can get personal advice in many shops from real birch fans. Or do you have any questions? Then please contact us personally, we are happy to help you any time.
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