Instruction for bracelet change

  1. Use a spring bar tool for changing the watch-strap. This usually has a spike and a fork.The spike is used when the spring bar can be pushed out directly from the outside, i.e. there is a drilled spring bar hole on the watch. If this does not exist, please use the fork as described below.
  2. If possible, push the fork on the back of the watch between the strap and the watch case up to the spring bar (see Fig. 1). Apply light pressure towards the watch band to push the spring bar together.
  3. The spring bar releases itself from its attachment and you can separate the band from the watch (see Fig. 2 and Fig. 3). If necessary, remove the spring bar from the old strap and insert it into the new strap.
  4. To attach the new strap, insert one side of the spring bar into the hole on the watch case (see Fig. 2). Press the other side of the spring bar together with the fork of the spring bar tool and insert the spring bar into the opposite hole in the watch case (see Fig. 1).
  5. Gently move the strap back and forth and make sure that the spring bar is locked into both holes in the watch case.If necessary, repeat steps 4 and 5.