Tuesa / Set of five

185.00 149.00

Birchbark, pine wood
Surface: water based wood stain, bees wax
Sizes: T7, T13, TN13, T9, TN9
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Antibacterial, insulating, water-resistant and particularly light birchbark containers keep foodstuffs fresh for longer and are incredibly durable while being low maintenance at the same time. The containers are best suited for storing biscuits, cereal, pasta, berries, legumes, and any other loose dry foodstuffs. They are also perfect for the aroma-sealing storage of tea, coffee, spices and nuts.

Tuesa guarantee a non-slip warm surface and a secure grip even when wet. If needed, the containers can be rinsed with water without the material becoming warped, dry, or porous over time. Other than that, no additional maintenance of the surface is needed.


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